Storefront for Art and Architecture’s inaugural event series, Performance A–Z, commenced on September 18, 1982 at 51 Prince Street, the gallery’s original location. Each of the 26 participating artists, performers and musicians was assigned a letter of the alphabet; every evening at 7pm, for 26 consecutive nights, a different artist carried out a performance in the gallery space or the nearby sidewalk. All performances were free and open to the public. Teching Hsieh, whose piece consisted of entering his home after having lived outdoors in New York City for one year, was the only artist to execute his performance at another location.

A. 9/18 Arlene Schloss

B. 9/19 Billy Bell

C. 9/20 Kwok Mang Ho

D. 9/21 Ilona Granet

E. 9/22 Tzvia Stein

F. 9/23 Angela Hans

G. 9/24 Barbara Held

H. 9/25 Des Refuses

I. 9/26 Teching Hsieh

J. 9/27 Phoebe Legere

K. 9/28 R & V Gerlovin

L. 9/29 We-Lo

M. 9/30 Hugh Levick

N. 10/01 Sandra McKee

O. 10/02 Dragan Ilic

P. 10/03 Yoshiko Chuma

Q. 10/04 Richard Hambleton

R. 10/05 Ken Friedman

S. 10/06 Aigars Kildiss

T. 10/07 Paul Boyd

U. 10/08 Eric Schmidt

V. 10/09 Carolee Schneeman

W. 10/10 Stephen Paul Miller

X. 10/11 RL Seltman

Y. 10/12 Claire Fergusson

Z. 10/13 Horizontal Vertical Band