The Empty Pedestals Project was an experimental forum aimed at examining the role of public art in the urban environment of the late twentieth century. the project focused on ‘predesignated public art sites,’—spaces that had been designated by the government as spaces for art. Four of these sites in New york city served as the sites for new proposals.

Ron Baron, Karen Bermann and Jeanine Centuori, Karl Chu, Curtis Cravens, Caleb Crawford, Sandy Gellis, Jesse Good, Steve Greene, Sheila Klein, Stephen Korns, Michael Lalicki, Paul Landon, Linda Lindroth and Craig Newick, Nicki Logis, Peter Lynch, Mike Metz, Carolyn Moskowitz, Gary Paige, Dan Peterman, Joe Pomar, Charles Renfro and Anne Nixon, Chris Scholz and Ines Elskop, Peter Sebûk
Curator: Marc Blane