About  Future Famous

Future Famous by Komal Kehar & Lullu Brandt, is a three-hour pop-up event celebrating the theme of ‘Before They Were Famous: Behind the Lens of William John Kennedy’, a photography exhibition by KIWI Arts Group at site/109 revealing Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana in 1963-64. Where Kennedy captured icons of the Pop Art movement before they became famous, Future Famous will re-create Warhol’s Factory phenomenon and broadcast the images of people who will become famous in the future. Photographer Eli Schmidt will be on hand at site/109 to document the happening and guests. His images will be projected simultaneously at the Storefront for Art and Architecture and onto an exterior wall on 2nd Street & Avenue A.



Occupy New York

Alongside Future Famous a series of portraits of Occupy Wall Street protesters will be projected. The portraits by Matthew Connors depict the diverse personalities who view Zuccotti Park and related OWS actions as a fertile ground for voicing their discontents and organizing to effect change. Many of the protesters and activists pictured were a constant presence in the park during the start of the movement in fall/winter 2011.  Others came from far afield to sample New York City’s brand of direct democracy, in order to spread that model to their homes.  All carried potent messages with them that will make them known to future generations.