Apply for a NYSCA Grant through Storefront
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Closed Worlds, 2016. Storefront for Art and Architecture. Photo by Jake Naughton.
Do you have an idea for a project that promotes alternatives? This year, Storefront will sponsor twenty independent architecture and design projects through NYSCA.
The Architecture + Design Program of the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) awards project grants for individuals or teams through its Independent Projects category. These grants, of up to $10,000, are awarded to architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, and interior designers to “creatively explore or research an issue or problem in the design, planning, and/or historic preservation fields that advances the field and contributes to the public’s understanding of the built environment.”
NYSCA seeks projects that are innovative in nature and emphasize the artistry of design excellence. Projects may lead to the creation of design prototypes, explore new technology that impacts design, research a topic in design or architectural history, or engage in critical or theoretical analyses.
Storefront will sponsor up to 20 projects for 2018 calendar year. Priority will be given to applications that align with Storefront’s organizational mission to advance innovative and critical positions that go beyond disciplinary and ideological boundaries.
To read more information, see page 48 of NYSCA’s funding guidelines.
1. Complete the initial application form and send to Andrew Emmet, Development and Outreach Associate at Storefront, by emailing with the subject line “NYSCA Independent Project Application Request” no later than midnight on February 20, 2017.
2. If you are selected as one of the 20 projects sponsored by Storefront, you will be asked to submit a full project proposal no later than midnight on March 10, 2017
3. Additional application materials may be required in order to complete the submission. All additional materials must be received before March 20, 2017.
Grants are for individuals or groups, and applicants must be New York State residents at the time of application and while the project is being implemented. Student and faculty work that serves as part of a course curriculum is ineligible. Projects submitted by current students or faculty must demonstrate that the work was not part of a course curriculum. Note that individuals or teams may not apply for another NYSCA project with another team or with another fiscal sponsor organization. If individuals appear on more than one request, both requests will be ineligible for support. Further eligibility requirements may apply. 
NYSCA Independent Project Grants cannot be used to support past work or current client work. They are intended to support new ideas and explorations that further the evolution of relevant design fields. Therefore, projects must take place between January 2018 and December 2018.
The complete program guidelines and application instructions are available here. NYSCA also produced an Independent Projects Webinar, embedded below. For additional information, visit