Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 11th




There are more than 300 Chinatowns around the world today. Many others have disappeared, and new ones are being born each year. Storefront for Art and Architecture, in association with Chinatown Film Festival New York, offered a global tour of the Chinatowns around the world.

Despite the clichés associated with Chinatowns, they are defined by their differences as much as their similarities. Some are rundown ghettos; others are modern sites of recent development. From large and well-known neighborhoods in San Francisco and London, to obscure or recently-formed communities in cities like Dubai and Glasgow, Chinatowns is an accumulative photographic portrait of an urban phenomenon spanning across more than 100 cities and four continents. 

Starting in New York City and moving east around the planet, Chinatowns is a compendium of over 1000 images taken by almost as many photographers. It is a visual tribute to the diversities and idiosyncrasies, as much as the similarities, that unite these urban communities scattered all over the world.



Photograph by Brian McMorrow.