Definition Series: Tree

Thursday October 16, 2014

“Each tree, like some historic page, enfolds a world of bygone lore, the legends of a former age inscribed upon its branches hoar.” Baudelaire


Storefront presented Definition Series: Tree on the occasion of the launch of Neubau Forst Catalogue Urban Tree Collection for the Modern Architect & Designer  by Stefan Gandl and Benjamin Ganz on October 16, 2014.

With a selected group of Designers, Landscape Architects and Artists, this book launch event provided ten approximations to the relationship between cities, designers, architects, artists and trees. The content of the book, 315 trees, were on display at Storefront’s gallery during the event.



To participate, definitions of “Tree” were emailed to  prior to the event. These definitions were gathered as part of Storefront’s ongoing Dictionary of Received Definitions.




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About the Book

Neubau Forst Catalogue is a collection of detailed silhouettes of urban trees and separate tree sculptures. In years of manual work, using a method developed especially for this project, these details have been digitally removed from their original urban surroundings in Berlin. The materials are distinguished by their extent, outstanding quality of detail, and excellent resolution of the usual autotraced digital tree library.


English, 2014, 

432 Pages, 765 full-color illustrations (315 HD-bitmap tree masks, 327 HD-bitmap tree modules (color), 40 HD vector trees, 16 illus. of bark (duotone), 144 documentary illus. (color) 

24 x 28 x 4.7 cm, 9.5 x 11 x 1.98 in, Softcover

ISBN 978-3-03778-435-8


Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers


About the author: 

Stefan Gandl was born in 1969. Digital fonts, geometric patterns, and pictograms are the major building blocks that the Austrian designer has used to construct not only his studio, Neubau, in Berlin, but also an entirely new realm of signs, which he and his international team are constantly expanding.

The Neubau Forst Team (2009-14)

Akane Sakai (JP),Bhav Mistry (UK), Benjamin Ganz (CH), Cezanne Noordhoek (NL), Christoph Grünberger (DE), Daniel Cottis (US), David Pope (IR), François Leherissier (FR), Joerg Petri (DE), Lukas Reinhard (DE), Marine Stephane (FR), Margarida Castel-Branco (PT), Marius Hanf (DE), Maximilian Voormann (DE), Miriam Busch (DE), Moritz Otten (DE), Oriol Salles (ES), Paul Heys (UK), Robert Loeber (UK), Stefan Gandl (AT), Thomas Holmes (UK), Will Smith (UK)



The Definitions Series invites a series of individuals to construct, propose and articulate definitions of a specified term.