” The architecture …/… will be a means of modifying present conceptions of time and space… It will be a means of knowledge and a means of actions.”
Gilles Ivain alias Ivan Chtcheglov, 1958

We act to defend architecture that is plural, used, complex, diverse, real and alive; architecture that is about action and interaction, formation and deformation, transormation and appropriation.

Situation Room as playground for [re] creation, collective action, active occupation, open demonstration, and social games was an intuitive, interactive and collective performance, showcasing an everyday life tools and knowledge Directory. For architecture of process, of fabrication, reaction and interaction, members of EXYZT inhabited the gallery space, making use of the furnishings as though it were a domestic space.

More than showing past projects, we chose to set up a platform for creation and solidarity inviting people to transform the classic use of the gallery, to experiment diversity of programs and activities with basic cheap materials as moving boxes activated with the Storefront staff.

We proposed a platform for action, defending an architecture that is alive. EXYZT shakes up the idea of architecture as an independent field. Working on experimental projects, EXYZT invites architecture, video, graphic-design, botany and any other concept to become devices of expression and creation.

Like a series of disparate notes, ready-to-assemble elements were put together in situ to create this modular, domestic place, rapidly assembled viral constructions implemented to create and augment a social space. Little by little, each limb of this strange apartment grew new functions, allowing its users to do more and more things, to occupy and work in its ever-changing space. After the basic living space has been assembled essential urban infrastructure was gradually added: water, electricity, radio, TV, Internet, etc… Once complete, a vast variety of individual modules would occupy the gallery space to be used for a moment, a day, or a whole night. Lightness, speed and flexibility were essential ingredients of the set-up.

The collective carried out temporary setups. Each project is in line with precise and determined time and special frame. The units could be shaped and rearranged to become a living and sitting space, a workspace equipped with a desk, computers and tools, or a dining room, among other forms. From week to week the space evolved, taking on different ephemeral forms and functions with the public. The situation became the physical medium through which a creative and collective game was expressed. The series of projects questioned the relationship between public and private and encouraged the audience to move from being a spectator to be an actor too.

EXYZT invited the audience to reconsider occupied areas in a well-defined time-frame. The collective was invited to conceive and organize each project as a ludic playground where cultural behaviours and shared stories related, mixed and mingled.

Created in 2003 as the initiative of five architects, they produced and organized a first self-construction and self-documented project on an abandoned plot of land in Parc de la Villette in Paris. By opening up to various fields, the collective group attempts to render architecture into a different perspective.

Our team is now a community of people who have chosen to act under the same principle of sharing knowledge and abilities, imagining the environment as the terrain of a participatory game, a site for play and appropriation, creating ‘transient micro ambiances’ as Guy Debord described the constucted situation.

Construction will constitute the first movement. Act!

Text by Philippe Rizzotti & Dimitri Messu


Philippe Deangeli (Lighting Designer) + Dagmar Dudinsky (Graphic Designer) + Fernando Favier (Music Composer) + Christophe Goutes (Sound Cooker) + Diego Monet (Director) + Brice Pelleschi (Photographer) + Virginie Perrot (Painter) + Alexander Römer (Architect & Carpenter) + Philippe Rizzotti (Architect) + Pier Schneider (Video-artist & Architect) + François Wunschel (Video-Artist & Architect) + Storefront Staff and Volunteers + Guests

Monday 16
gallery occupation
Eleven people arriving and having a day to find solution to sleep in Storefront. Basic needs.

Tuesday 17
collective insulation
Problem will be insulation … how to close the amazing Storefront façade, so as not to freeze in the night.

Wednesday 18 @ 7pm
participatory sustenance
Basic needs are supposed to be fixed by now.
By night, we would be organizing the first dinner, that’s why we need the table; helping us work easily.

Thursday 19
progressive illumination
Lighting and video set-up. Preparation of the opening performance.

Friday 20 @ 7pm – OPENING
Performance inauguration
Exhibition set-up. Making the place attractive, diverse and fun.

Saturday 21 @ 7pm
Exyzt Feast
Discussion time. People introduce themselves and what they do. Big dinner – Serge roasted a pig.

Sunday 22 @ 12.30pm
Au revoir