To close the collaborative project Homeless at Home, Storefront presented an exhibition of designs for shelters and alternative housing for the homeless by 65 artists and architects, as well as video documentation of the lives of homeless people from the streets. Prior to the exhibition, information packages were distributed to the participants to inform them about the homeless issue in America, and an architectural response was solicited.


Homeless at Home: A Public Project included works by Dennis Adams, Anderson/Schwartz Architects, David Benjamin, Christine Bengila Bevington, Victoria Bismarck, Mary Blackey, Faith/Bleecker, Diane Arndt and Joseph Bowers, Fred Calero, Carol Kahil and Richard Esterle, Daria Dorosh, Zvi Dunsky, Christopher Egan, Ellen Cox and David Haft, Francis Fan, Linda Gatter, Sandy Gellis, Janet Gillespie, Ford Kevin Greene, Wenda Habinicht, Mehrdad Haji-Sharifi, Patti Harris, William Herman, Joseph Hnizdil, J. Bacon/P. Shinoda/S. Ozalp, Wes Jones, Jorge Gomez and Guillermo, Carl Karas, Keenan/Riley/Newell, Julia Keydel, William Kline, Peter Kramer, Leavitt/Heskin, Conrad Levenson, Peggie Lowenberg, Mindy Machanic, Judy Mattingly, Mighty Dimension, William Moorhead, Jim Morgan, Mostoller/Travisano, Murphy/Parsons, Vivian Alper Ostrow, John Perkins, Peter Pfau, Anthony Pleskow, Bill Ray, Joyce Rezendes, Paul Rosenblatt, Jennifer Sage, Gido Scholten, Schwallie/Hermann, Michael Schwarting, Alice Shapiro, Alistair Standing, Susan Steindler, Steinfeld/Feuerstein, Ted and Jean Krueger, Wedgle/Ristine, Allyne Winderman, Wolfel/Neiss/Chestnutt, Yampolsky/Hansen, and Laura Zelaznick.