October 25



As part of the exhibition BEING , Storefront presented DISRUPT: Croquembouches, an installation-banquet on the connections and connotations between Food and Architecture. The event follow a day-long installation by Savinien Carcostea, which included an 9-foot tall cone of Croquembouches, a traditional French dessert, that was on display at Storefront’s gallery throughout the day and was offered to visitors from 6-7pm. 


The conversation raised the points of contact between food and architecture: From the social and political connotations of what, how, and where we eat, to the similarities and differences of the research and distribution processes, to the performativity of the act of eating as a way of producing bubbles of negotiation. The conversation include contribuitions by Jan Aman, Levan Asabashvili, Edward Eigen, and Yehuda Safran, among others.

7,000 Croquembouches were available for consumption.

This event was free and open to the public.




According to City Harvest, 1.5 million New Yorkers are struggling against hunger. A new restaurant of refined decadence is always opening around the corner. 



“The croquembouche, a pyramid of small cream puffs welded by caramel, inscribes itself in the tradition of classic French pastry as a decorative centerpiece. It is also a modular structure, and as such can be understood within a contemporary formal framework. Created by Antonin Carême, the celebrated early nineteenth century pastry chef who stated that “the most noble of all the arts is Architecture, and its greatest manifestation is the art of the pastry chef”, the croquembouche is in fact an avant-garde work of Architecture, both structural and spatial.”

A historic construction somehow contemporary, a mixture of high cuisine, art, architecture, and cinema, the croquembouche is a disconcerting structure whose humorous appearance has long dismissed it as an outdated typology having no place outside of celebrations. Now is the time for the croquembouche to be celebrated.” – Savinien Caracostea

About the artist

Savinien Caracostea has degrees in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Cornell University, a degree in Pastry Arts from the French Culinary Institute, and has extensive experience in film, photography, and graphic design. With an interest in cross-disciplinary spaces, events and publications, he consults and offers creative direction in Edible, Cinematic Architecture. For more, please visit