Start your performance at home.
1. When on the sidewalk walking to Storefront let loose. Listen.
2. Drag your feet through the sidewalk’s surfaces, feel the rhythm of the pavement’s joints. Listen.
3. Walk in a constant speed, feel the change in the materials’density. Listen.
4. Stop, jump. Listen.
5. Walk on your toes and your heels; feel the softness. Listen.
6. Knock on all facades, stone, metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces; feel the depth and hollowness of this city. Listen.
7. Try to move anything that might move; feel the weight. Listen.
8. Touch, pull, scratch, hit (lovingly) anything that might sound. Listen.
9. Go to Kenmare Street, number 97, caress the façade. Listen.
10. Turn the panels while entering Storefront. Listen.
11. See the strings all over the space; don’t touch anything. Listen.
12. Play the Storefront with your hands, body, teeth and feet as you crawl, pluck, lick or tick the strings. Listen.
13. Play it again, think of the music, Storefront is recording your performance, synthesizing it, streaming it. Listen.
14. Leave. Perform. Listen.
15. Come back at 5pm and listen to the daily concerts composed by visitors throughout the day. Listen.