INTERROGATION SERIES: Cornell Journal of Architecture

February 18, 2011


For Interrogation Series: Cornell Journal of Architecture, Storefront for Art and Architecture presented the re launching of the Cornell Journal of Architecture with issue 8: RE with a series of interrogations in chain between some of Issue 8’s editors and contributors adressing the now, the new and the next in architecture


This event was moderated by Caroline O’Donell, editor of CJA 8.


Participants included:


Aaron Goldweber
Alex Mergold and Jason Austin (Austin + Mergold)
Andrea Simitch
Caroline O’Donnell
Dagmar Richter
Daniel Marino
David Reinfurt
Irina Chernyakova
John Zissovici
Kent Kleinman
Kyle Jenkins
Lydia Kallipoliti
Mark Morris
Melissa Constantine
Raymond Fort
Spyros Papapetros
Zachary Tyler Newton


About CJA 8: RE

This issue of the Cornell Journal of Architecture is about the now, the new, and the next in architecture, while simultaneously acknowledging that every possible future is intrinsically linked to the existent, to the present and its attendant past. At the heart of issue 8: RE is the understanding that the creative act itself is reiterative; that in rethinking, recombining, reshuffling, recycling, and reimagining aspects of the world around us, we produce work that both belongs to the current moment and establishes new future trajectories. The texts reflect the interconnected strands of technology, history, theory, and intuition that necessarily reinforce each other in architectural education and practice today: issues of reuse and recycling; of feedback loops and regression; of dialogue, criticism, and correspondence; and of the role that changing technologies have in restructuring the way we think, see, and remember.


Installation Project Leader: Courtney Song


Cover: Soft
Illustrations: Color
Size: 20 x 23 cm
Publication Date: 2011
Page Number: 192
Published by: Cornell AAP Publications
Language / ISBN: English [978-0-9785061-4-8]
Price: 20.00 USD

Copies will be available for purchase during the event



About The Interrogation Series:
The Interrogation Series is part of Storefront’s programming for the generation of dialog between “institutionalized” spheres of inquiry and emerging discourses. The events aim to produce multiple and new methodologies of exploration and to ultimately extract a confession or obtain information from certain “suspects” in relation to a particular “crime” (book, building, photograph, thought, etc.) through a series of arguments, questions and-hopefully-answers.