Tuesday, August 25 at 7 pm

Storefront for Art and Architecture

97 Kenmare Street., New York


Presented as part of the exhibition Measure, “Measuring Architecture” aims to expose and interrogate current practices involved in the articulation and production of new edifices of thought and action through the creative use of data.
The event consists of a live staging of manifestos/positions by a group of individuals consisting of architects, artists, engineers, writers, coders and journalists followed by a short discussion with selected respondents.


Participants Include:

Peggy Deamer (The Architecture Lobby), Campbell Hyers, Ekene Ijeoma, Andrés Jaque (Office for Political Innovation), Laura Kurgan, Melissa Marsh, Damon Rich, Dong-Ping Wong and Archie Lee Coates (+ POOL), Dan Taeyoung, Caroline Woolard, Chris Henrick, John Krauss, and Ingrid Burrington (Landscapes of Profit), among others.




About the Participants:


Peggy Deamer

Peggy Deamer is Professor of Architecture at Yale University. She received a B.Arch. from The Cooper Union and a Ph.D. from Princeton University. She is a principal in the firm of Deamer, Architects. She is the editor of Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present and the forthcoming The Architect as Worker: Immaterial Labor, the Creative Class, and the Politics of Design.  She is co-editor of Building in the Future: Recasting Architectural Labor and BIM in Academia. She is the founding member of the Architecture Lobby, a group advocating for the value of architectural design and labor.  Her current research explores the relationship between subjectivity, design, and labor in the current economy.



Ekene Ijeoma

Ekene Ijeoma is a designer and programmer. His work explores the artistic and humanistic properties of data and algorithms through media, objects, installations. He is currently a designer-in-residence at Orbital.


He is the co-creator of the The Refugee Project, on refugee migration around the world. It was recently published in MoMa’s Design and Violence and nominated for Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2015. His recent project Wage Islands, on wage and housing inequality in NYC, is being exhibited in Measure at Storefront for Art and Architecture.



Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation

Andrés Jaque is the founder of the Office for Political Innovation. He is Advanced Design Professor at Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation GSAPP Columbia University and Visiting Professor at Princeton University SoA. He has been Tessenow Stipendiat 1998 by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung FVS, in Hamburg, and visiting professor in a number of international universities. He has lectured extensively throughout the world including Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, MIT (Boston), Instituto Politecnico di Milano, Centre International pour la Ville de Paris, Centre pour l’Architecture et le Paysage (Brussels), Sociedad Central (Buenos Aires), Berlage Institut (Rotterdam) or Museo Nacional (Bogotá).


Damon Rich

Damon Rich is a designer, planner, and principal of Hector Design Service. In his public spaces, exhibitions, graphic works, and events, sometimes produced in collaboration with young people and community-based organizations, Damon creates fantastical spaces for imagining the physical and social transformation of the world.


As Director of the Newark Planning Office (NPO), he worked from 2008 to 2015 to make New Jersey’s most populous municipality a prosperous, walkable, and environmentally just city. Under his leadership, the NPO’s achievements included designing and building the city’s first riverfront parks, launching the Newark Public Art Program, leading design negotiations on over US$2 billion of real estate development, and drafting the first comprehensive update to the city’s zoning regulations in 60 years.


Prior to coming to Newark, Damon founded the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that uses art and design to increase meaningful civic engagement, where he served as Executive Director for 10 years. Damon has taught architecture and planning at schools including Harvard University, and has written about real estate and architecture for Perspecta, Metropolis, Architecture, and Domus. His design work represented the United States at the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale, and has been exhibited internationally at venues including the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Netherlands Architecture Institute, and MoMA PS1.


+ POOL (Dong-Ping Wong and Archie Lee Coates)

+ POOL is an initiative to build the world’s first water-filtering floating poolin New York for everybody, created by Family New York and PlayLab, Inc., and run by Friends of + POOL, a growing 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Landscapes of Profit

Dan Taeyoung operates at the intersection of architecture, technology, and community. He is interested in radical architecture as a built manifestation of applied anthropology and activist real estate. He is co-founder of Prime Produce, an intentional co-working ‘guild’ for social good, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where he teaches on architectural representation and experimental design tools.


Caroline Woolard is an artist and organizer whose interdisciplinary work facilitates social imagination at the intersection of art, urbanism, and political economy. After co-founding and co-directing resource sharing networks OurGoods.org and TradeSchool.coop from 2008-2014, Woolard is now focused on her work with BFAMFAPhD.com to raise awareness about the impact of debt on culture and on the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative to create and support truly affordable commercial space for cultural resilience and economic justice in New York City. Woolard is a lecturer at the New School and the School of Visual Arts. Her work is featured in Art21’s New York Close Up documentary series.


Chris Henrick recently graduated from the Parsons MFA Design and Technology program at the New School in New York City. His​ MFA​ thesis was a web app he conceptualized and coded called ​”​Am I Rent Stabilized?​”​ that seeks to solve the problem of NYC landlords lying to tenants about being rent-regulated and illegally deregulating rent-stabilized apartments​. In his spare time Chris helps ​co-​organize and facilitate Maptime​-​NYC, a volunteer group dedicated to educating non-experts about GIS, cartography, and interactive web-mapping.


John Krauss is a civic hacker and New York City housing data wonk. He first became interested in patterns of lending and speculation in the city when doing research for the Red Lines exhibition at the Queens Museum, which illustrated the impact of predatory loans just as the fallout of the subprime crisis began to hit hard in the summer of 2009.  He cut his NYC housing chops as a data analyst at the Furman Center, helping ascertain expiration dates for an insane variety of affordability programs.  He is now a tech fellow at the GovLab, building tools to make open data accessible and usable.


Ingrid Burrington writes, makes maps, and tells jokes about places, politics, and the weird feelings people have about both. Her most recent work has focused primarily on infrastructure and magic.

Campbell Hyers

Campbell Hyers focuses on modernizing the way organizations interact with their consumers and constituents – leveraging emerging trends at the convergence of digital and physical themes, especially in large shared spaces like cities, as well as the constituent parts of cities – mass transit, retail, etc. To do this, as co-founder and CEO, he built Control Group into a leading customer experience firm that uniquely acts as an innovation partner to its clients. Now, Control Group is merging with Titan 360, one of the largest municipal out-of-home ad companies, and they are forming a new company called Intersection, an urban experience company that will greatly expand on his original mission to improve human life through strategic user experience design. Read more about it here: http://blog.controlgroup.com/2015/06/23/control-group-is-becoming-intersection/
Campbell also serves as Vice President of the Board of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, curators of the United States Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Melissa Marsh

Melissa Marsh is Founder and CEO of PLASTARC, a social research, workplace innovation, and real estate strategy firm dedicated to shifting the metrics associated with workplace from ‘square feet and inches’, to ‘occupant satisfaction and performance.’ PLASTARC, a portmanteau of plastic and architecture, encourages architecture to be more flexible, dynamic, and fun through social research and analytics. PLASTARC employs people analytics, building information systems, and a variety of creative methods in order to enable environments and real estate strategies that enhance organizational knowledge, accelerate business and enrich employees. An active contributor to many professional communities, Melissa curates the Transforming Architectural Practice series which explores emerging topics in the management of business in the A&E industry, such as technology, strategic differentiation and intellectual property.