OfficeUS Outpost

July 15, 2014 – August 30, 2014

OfficeUS  is an architecture collective, with its first headquarters in the US Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, that aims to redefine the terms of design and production of architecture on a global scale. Participation in  OfficeUS  is an act of architectural generosity towards the production of ideas and projects beyond current social, economical, pedagogical and disciplinary constraints.


OfficeUS  Partners invited 90 architects worldwide to participate in the activities of a global architecture office. OfficeUS Outposts contribute their voices, expertise and skills to OfficeUS  on a regular basis.  The selected members of the Office US Outpost Community are architects working within corporate offices, small firms, government agencies, universities or independently.


Throughout the 25 weeks of the Venice Architecture Biennale, a series of 25  Office   US  Issues (ranging from Public Housing to Smart Materials) provide the framework of OfficeUS   inquiry. OfficeUS Outpost Architects participate from their local base in the development and implementation of projects in collaboration with the 6 OfficeUS Partners in residence at the OfficeUS Headquarters in the US Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. The projects will be ultimately compiled in the OfficeUS New World book, published by Lars Muller.


The Storefront Gallery in New York is an open base for OfficeUS Outposts and visitors to engage with the content and activities of OfficeUS.


Other OfficeUS Outposts are: 


Allard van Hoorn,   Anda French,   Aristide Antonas,   Austin Mergold,  Ben Brady, Benjamin Porto,  Cara Liberatore,  Caroline Smith,  Carla Seppe,   Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong,  Chrissi Nasz,  Ciro Miguel,   Constantin Boym, Daniel Tudor Munteanu,  Danielle Rago,   Doreen Adengo,  Eva Alvarez,   Fabio Gigone,   Fabrizio Furiassi,   Filippo Cattapan,   Garrick Jones,  Hanna Espinosa,  Henry Smith-Miller,   Ioannis Oikonomou,  Jean Benoit Vetillard,  Jenny French,   Jonathan Crisman,   Jorg Sieweke,  Juan Molina Restrepoe,  Kristy Balliet,  Lisa Pauli,  Luis Diego Quiros Pacheco,   Maj Plemenitas,   Maria Pilar Pinchart,  Mart Schaefer,  Matthew Messner,   Mitchell Joachim,   Nazanin Naeini,   Nick Axel,  Nikoletta Filippidou,  Pablo Costa, Pamela Ritchot, Paolo Migliori, Patrizia Toscano, Paul Preissner, Peter Macapia, Phillip Denny, Quilian Riano, Ragunath Vasudevan, Sahra Motalebi, Samuel Stewart-Halevy,Sara Dean, Sasa Zivkovic, Selma Alihodzic, Sindy Martínez Lortia, Stephen Mueller, Taller de Casquería Collective, Tamar Alon, and Ted Landrum.


Outposts Applications were received from more than 300 locations worldwide. 

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