Paella Series: Spaces that teach – Spaces that learn


Storefront for Art and Architecture was pleased to celebrate the second edition of the PAELLA SERIES discussing “spaces that learn / spaces that teach” through a banquet discussion between 17 invited guests.


Years away from the phenomenological and behavioral fears attached to singular
readings of direct relationships between architecture and the subject, “spaces that
learn / spaces that teach”
intended to pick up the discussion about how the
architectural environment influences the subject and try to understand the
different positions and tools available today from multiple points of view and
realms of practice.


Wendy Woon

Mohammed Sharif

David van der Leer

Laura Kurgan

Nader Voussoughian

Vincent Appel

Dan Michaelson

James Slade

Hayes Slade

Paula Hayes

Preeti Sriratana

Karen Wong

Susan Sellers

Felicity Scott

Iwan Baan

Steven Holl



The event was moderated by Florian Idenburg + Jing Liu, SO-IL.





This event was possible thanks to the generous support of Despaña .

Despaña / 408 Broome Street /New York /