Party Bibliography, is a growing compillation of readings, quotes and definitions that work as  a resource for individuals interested in investigating  the topic of this year’s Critical Halloween costume party “On Banality, On Metaphor”.


From the use of metaphor as a simple communication device, to metaphor as one of the creative tools for the production of new work, we will be collecting some of the exisiting thoughts in the archives of history and knowledge through a series of texts that might shed some light on the articulation of thoughts, costumes and critique.


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“Metaphor is a matter of imaginative rationality… Metaphors are capable of creating new understandings and, therefore, new realities… Metaphor is not merely a matter of language; it is a matter of conceptual structure. And conceptual structure is not merely a matter of the intellect -it involves all the natural dimensions of our experience, including aspects of our sense experience: color, shape, texture, sound, etc” Lakoff-Johnson, Metaphors we live by. p.253






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