Tuesday January 22, 7-8pm



A series of wines worldwide can not be called Champagne, even if they all follow a similar recipe. The current hegemony in ideas resulting from the import-export-import-export of standardized models, in wines and architecture production alike, blurs the peculiarities and specificities of knowledge. For the opening of The Competitive Hypothesis, guests were invited to taste diverse qualities of sparkling wines from around the globe. From the inexpensive to the exquisite, all bottles had a uniform label. Throughout the night, everyone with a desire to drink was able to be part of the performance, and was required to play a simple game to determine which bottle they were allowed to drink from. In this drinking game one needed to rely either on skills or knowledge to get a drink. 


If both failed, the candidate could choose to resort to creative bribery.


By Daniel Fernandez Pascual