Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 14, 7pm


Total Housing 01: Apartments presented results of the first in a succession of architecture competitions circling around the book Total Housing . Organized with and Actar Publishers, this first iteration concentrated on the typologies of apartments. The exhibition showcased the five winning entries, chosen from nearly 400 submissions, along with selected commentary from the jury. Input from the public was included and encouraged as a component of the exhibition. 


About the Total Housing Competitions
Actar publishers,, and Storefront for Art and Architecture launched Total Housing , a series of competitions to create today’s definitive source for residential designs that go beyond standardized and canonical models of inhabitation.


Total Housing 01: Apartments was the first in the series of Total Housing Competitions. The city is resurgent after years of suburban supremacy, but new technologies and socio-economic shifts have made traditional models for urban housing obsolete. Architects and designers are at the forefront of creating physical spaces that react to these new urban conditions, and we want to see them. Total Housing 01: Apartments looked for residential projects that address the incongruity between outmoded ideas of domestic space and contemporary urban lifestyles. The exhibition explored apartments that demonstrate innovation through material applications, programmatic arrangements, technological implementations, or radical conceptual propositions.



This exhibition was made possible with the generous support of NRI, F.J. Sciame Construction Company, Inc. and Miele, Inc.