Erika Loana is a multidisciplinary architect. Her explorations are born from the idea of ​​the void and abandonment resulting from sudden changes experienced by large cities.


Currently, she is part of the collective Somosmexas, a group of young architects working in and for the city. It is run through ATEA, a multidisciplinary experimental space where Erika coordinates exhibitions and installations, in addition to carrying out her own urban investigation projects.


She began her career working in the offices of Taller de Arquitectura–Mauricio Rocha. Erika has specialized in museographic productions for which she has collaborated with artists such as Minerva Cuevas, Demian Flores, and Perla Krauze while working at the Museum of the City of Mexico.


She was fellow of the FONCA “Young Artists” 2011-2012 with the project “Terrain Vague,” and currently coordinates architectural and museum projects in the Ministry of Culture of the State of Morelos in collaboration with architects Mauricio Rocha, Issac Broid, Javier Sanchez JSA. and PRODUCTORA.