Fake Industries Architectural Agonism is an office of diffuse boundaries and questionable taste, orchestrated by Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau from New York, Sydney, and Barcelona, that explores the power of Replicas, i.e. both literal reproductions of existing works of architecture and, in a sense denoted in romance languages, responses to previous statements.


Currently completing the Velodrome of Medellín and the Superphosphates! master plan in Cáceres, for the last 8 years the office has consistently used the competition Europan (8, 9, 10, and 11) as an alibi to explore the domestic dreams of the south of Europe. In 2014, the office was shortlisted in the MoMA PS1 and Miami Design pavilions and the Guggenheim Helsinki competition.


Georgia L. Jamieson is a Master of Architecture Graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney. Her studies have been focused on Sydney Metropolis Research, for which she was awarded Dean’s List and Design Leadership Recognition in 2012. Jamieson’s work was exhibited in Ri-Formare Milano: Frammenti Aperti e Costruiti at La Triennale di Milano, at Columbia University’s Studio X Workshop in New York in 2013, and in the Koh Rumdual Island, Cambodia construction project.