Storefront Membership Program

As an independent non-profit organization, Storefront relies significantly on the support of its members. The annual Storefront Membership Program brings together a community of individuals whose support allows us to further our unique mission concerned with our changing built environments.

Membership contributions make up an important share of Storefront’s funding and support everything we do — from exhibitions to open calls, from newly commissioned work to events and publications. Storefront is publicly accessible and free of charge.

The Storefront Membership Program is an annual initiative and includes invitations to members-only special events, such as our End of Year Party, private tours, and more.

Membership Levels

Storefront Student ($50.00)

Storefront Friend ($100.00)

Storefront Confidant ($250)

Storefront Ally ($500)

Storefront Partner ($1,000)


Membership Contribution