October 25 – December 19, 2015

CAMPO Cultural Center


Letters to the Mayor: Bogotá is the first iteration of the international project Letters to the Mayor in Bogotá. Letters to the Mayor, a project by storefront for Art and Architecture, started in April 2014 in New York on the occasion of the newly elected city mayor and with the intention to reinvigorate the conversation between architecture and politics.  Presented as an exhibition in the Storefront Gallery space in New York, fifty architects around the world wrote letters to their Mayors. 


Letters to the Mayor: Bogota is organized by CAMPO


“Bogotá has gone through a very difficult eight year period with regards to the city’s power structures and specifically mayoral power. The notable corruption scandal perpetuated by Samuel Moreno in 2008, during the construction of one of the city’s main highways, unleashed a chain of events including over three acting Mayors, two removed and disqualified mayors and one convicted Mayor. This has resulted in a serious lack of leadership and a notable sense of abandonment, corruption and abuse of power that has generated utter disbelief towards the figure of the Mayor in Bogotá.

Elections for Mayoral office will take place this year on October 25th, in this dim context, these elections have become particularly important for Bogotá. Citizens are worn out and tired of the city’s lack of organization, wondering if change is possible. That is why we believe it is imperative for cultural agents such as CAMPO to generate interstices that allow for new voices, forms of dialogue and points of view regarding the city to be made visible, in order to create a discourse that is different from the narrative that has become the norm.” CAMPO


Participants: Maria Cecilia O’byrne, Camilo Salaza, Willy Drews, Guillermo Fischer, Phillip Weiss, Alberto Saldarriaga, Juan Pablo Aschner, Fernando Rubio, Juan Jacobo Molina,, Ricardo Daza, Oficina Informal, Taller 301, Daniel Bermudez, Juan Pablo Ortiz, Taller de Santiago y Sebastián, Lucas Oberlander, Manuel Villa, Simon Hosie, Tania Maya, and more.

Design Team: The wallpaper is designed by Paulo Licona (Colombia, 1997) an artists that lives and works in Bogotá. The Mayoral/Architect Office is designed by Pablo Gómez Uribe (Colombia, 1975).

Curatorial Team: CAMPO: Carlos Balen, altiplano (Felipe Guerra), Monumental (Alejandro Piñol, Germán Ramírez), Juliana Sánchez and Alejandra Sarria.



Letters to the Mayor is part of Storefront for Art and Architecture’s initiative Architecture Conflicts, a project which purpose is to identify pressing issues, ongoing conflicts, and design solutions in relation with the most important urban problems today. Architecture Conflicts is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.