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In the Dark

Friday November 2, 2012 – Friday November 2, 2012

In the Dark

November 2, 2012, 7PM


This week, Hurricane Sandy has left many areas devastated and Downtown Manhattan in the dark. In light of these crippling and urgent circumstances, and as the Storefront gallery is still victim to the blackout, Storefront would like to view this as a constructive opportunity to discuss the relationship between darkness and architecture with an event made "In the Dark". 


“In the Dark” will address the connections between Darkness and Architecture from different points of view. From the phantasmagorical connection between darkness and spaces in fairy tales in various cultures, to the understanding of “dark” as a hidden or dangerous space, to the perception of space and urbanism through a lack (or abundance) of visuals and ‘blind’ perspectives, this is a crucial and opportune moment to reflect on the consequences and possibilities of urban recovery in the aftermath of a natural event like Sandy effecting so many urban centers.


Join Storefront for Art and Architecture tonight to intimately define and discuss architecture's relationship to darkness, "In the Dark." Visitors are asked to bring flashlights and a small excerpt of text with a commentary on Architecture and Darkness that will be shared with and discussed in the group.


Please note that all of Lower Manhattan is currently experiencing a blackout. The gallery and surrounding streets will be completely dark. Storefront encourages only those who can safely join us for this conversation to do so. 



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