Tropical Ghosts

September 26 – November 21, 2014

Curated by Laura Castro, Engel Leonardo, Mónica de Moya, and Maurice Sánchez



What was once mostly a single-family residential neighborhood, the Poligono Central of Santo Domingo is now considered the city center, densely packed with high-rise housing units, office buildings and shopping malls. The exponential growth of the area has affected the public space and contributed to the loss of the semipublic space, an architectural domestic typology representative of the Tropical Modern Style.


Tropical Ghosts is a series of site-specific urban interventions and meetings in Polígono Central, Santo Domingo that explores issues of growth, identity and systems of sharing in the tropical communities. The project also serves as an investigation and online archive to expand relevant information related to the area, from original plans of the houses and interviews with the inhabitants to designs for the future of the area.


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