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STAR strategies + architecture
[Beatriz Ramo]
Metaphor A-Z for Storefront + 5’ poem: Beautiful Triangles, 2012
Mixed media
18 x 24 inches
Commissioned by Storefront for Art & Architecture


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Metaphor A-Z for Storefront + 5’ poem: Beautiful Triangles

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Starting Bid: $300.00

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$400.00 Winning: Jeffrey Woodruff

Ending On:
2012-07-28 23:00:00

I_ In the invitation letter about the upcoming exhibition at the Storefront: Aesthetics/Anesthetics, Eva Franch asked me to participate by making a ‘drawing’ of the Storefront’s gallery space including a plan, a section, an elevation or any other representational method (...).

II_ While reading about Storefront I quickly came across this humorous sentence from The New Yorker about the gallery: The place is shaped like a slice of pizza, and it’s not much bigger, but there’s nothing small about the visions on view at Storefront for Art and Architecture. (…)

III_ Methaphors!
Metaphors are a frequently recurring instrument for many architects when communicating their projects. But too often metaphors are confused with concepts and then architecture unavoidably falls into banal, corny, and predictable associations, reducing the intrigue of a project to a dull one-liner.

IV_ My piece for the Storefront is a satirical collection of Storefront metaphors; from the inspiring NY pizza slice to a Spanish Jamón Ibérico; all of them triangles aiming to remind us of the iconic triangular plan of the Storefront.

V_ How many triangles and in which order? I found the answer in the Storefront’s inaugural event in 1982: Performance A-Z, and I made an alphabet of metaphors: Metaphor A-Z.

VI_ It seemed redundant to explain a satire, so I wrote a five-minute poem entitled: Beautiful Triangles.

VII_ I cut, glued and wrote it by hand.

Metaphor A-Z:
A Acheulean Axe
B Borat’s Thong Swimsuit, 2006
C Central Park View
D Dadaist A, 1920
E Elvis by Andy Warhol, 1963
F Flatiron Building, 1902
G Giacometti’s Man Striding, 1960
H High Heel, United Nude
I Il Monumento Continuo, Superstudio, 1969
J Jamón de Jabugo
K Koolhaas’s Nose
L Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, 1487
M Mercury at Wembley Stadium ‘86
N No Hubo Remedio, Goya, 1799
O Old Megaphone
P Polite way to discern a triangle in Flatland, 1884
Q Quarter Past Four
R Red Wedge by El Lissitzky, 1919
S Storefront Gallery, NY
T The Story of the Pool, Rem Koolhaas, 1977
U U.S.A Tie
V ‘Vogue’ video - Cone Bra, Madonna, 1990
W West Pediment Parthenon, 432 BC
X XL Pizza Slice
Y Yummy French Fries
Z Zenobia, Dance 1990, John Hejduk

The 5-minute poem: Beautiful Triangles
Beautiful triangles,
worn out metaphors;
we entrusted you with a mission:
so go! - and spread the word
And there you go,
great architect on stage,
explaining your architecture,
don’t you get red in the face?
Beautiful triangles:
pizza, Freddie and Rem,
symbols of the Storefront,
will forever be stuck in the minds of them


Beatriz Ramo is a Spanish architect living and working in Rotterdam. In 2006, she founded STAR strategies + architecture, a practice dealing with architecture in all its forms. The office portfolio includes a prototype to bring cinemas back to the city centers, a Ferris wheel + Railway station, or a study on the elements that shape secondary European cities. STAR has won several prizes in architectural competitions in China, Lebanon, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Spain. Beatriz remains active in research and writings and is currently working on models for sustainable cemeteries and on a series of essays aiming to develop critical assessments of today's most dangerous clichés and assumptions in architecture. She is academically involved with several schools and institutions in the Netherlands and she has lectured internationally about the work of STAR. Ramo has been contributing/managing editor of MONU magazine on urbanism since 2008.

The summer benefit architecture drawing auction includes work newly commissioned by Storefront for Art & Architecture for the Aesthetic/Anasthetic exhibition on display until July 28, 2012. Each drawing depicts the Storefront Gallery space at 97 Kenmare, from the perspectives of a diverse group of emerging and established architects worldwide. The drawings reveal a different aspect of the space and are representative of the generative properties of the architect's drawing. All proceeds will support Storefront's exhibitions and programs.

This auction is now closed.

  1. Jeffrey Woodruff bid $400.00 on 2012-07-28 12:47:34
  2. Melinda Wang bid $300.00 on 2012-07-28 12:46:50

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