Aquí vive gente:

Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra


Brigada Puerta de Tierra

June 1st–September 7th, 2019 


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Limited Editions: Extensión familiar

by Javier Bosques and Elba Meléndez


Available in the gallery space June 1st–September 7th, 2019 and online


Extensión familiar is a limited edition series of 50 unique model-scale ceramic houses that pay homage to single-family housing with unfinished construction, a typical sight in the Puerto Rican landscape.


Extensión familiar is presented in conjunction with Aquí vive gente.


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2019 Spring Benefit

Wednesday, May 29th


Storefront’s 2019 Spring Benefit took place at La Marqueta in East Harlem, honoring Diana Agrest, Jorge Pardo, and Brigada Puerta de Tierra.


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State of Tyranny

by Theo Deutinger


March 29th–May 4th, 2019


State of Tyranny unveils the methods and tools of urban design that seek to disable public agency in the name of public safety. 


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