In collaboration with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Storefront initiated a competition to redesign Lt. Petrosino Park, a wedged-shaped open space at the intersection of Lafayette, Centre and Kenmare Streets and Cleveland Place. Like Storefront itself, Petrosino Park is an offcut of urban space, measuring approximately 160 feet in length and 40 feet at its widest point. The redesign was intended to turn this under-used traffic island into an active and articulated public space for the surrounding community. Over 200 artists, architects and landscape architects from across the U.S. and around the world contributed proposals for the future park. From these, four projects were selected by a multidisciplinary jury including Mary Miss, Krzyztof Wodiczko, Billie Tsien and Coojse van Bruggen, for presentation to City officials and community leaders. Selected entries from the competition were exhibited at Storefront.


Winning Projects: Craig Abel, Arch. Inc.: Azin Valy and Suzan Wines, Alberto Kalach, Studio E: Patricia Owen 


Honorable mentions: Sound Building Practice: Ted Sheridan, Mas Yendo
Community selections: Mark S. Clapp, Daniel Tisdale and Dennis Hadfield, Rachel Frankel

Projects selected for exhibition: Janet Abrams/Stewart Cauley/Herman Feldhaus/Skuta Helgason/Alan Hill/Debra Williams/Thomas Zummer, ARX: Frederic Levrat, Nandini Bagchee, Kathleen Bakewell/Rachel Frankel/Rakhi Jha, Boy Architect : Anthony DeSimone, Amelie Chai and Stephen Shwe, Linda Chung/Jennifer Lee/Jiyun Park, George Cooper and Eric Mailaender, Keller Easterling, 1100 Architect: J€rgen Riehm, Steve Fox and Yael Wide, Franôois & Lewis Architects: Edouard Franôois and Duncan Lewis, Gilliland/Lawler Architects: Sally Gilliland and Daniel Lawler, Julio Gonzalez/Ricardo Regazzoni, Richard Goodwin, David Green and Vicente Sauceda, Sakoto Hoshino and Stanley W. Lee, Ion, KWR Workshop: Jose Salazar and Gabriela Salazar, Maggie Mahboubian and Frederic Schwartz, Marpillero/Pollak Architects: Sandro Marpillero and Linda Pollak, Morris-Sato Studio: Michael Morris and Yoshiko Sato, Masaaki Ogasawara, Grace Ong, Tom Pen, Bill Penner, RTKL Associates, Sage, Wimer, Combe, Architects: Ross Wimer, Peter Combe, Jennifer Sage, Michael Horowitz, J. Chung, Saee Studio: Michele Saee, Pablo Samaniego, Nasrin Seraji, Ken Smith Landscape Architect: Ken Smith, Studio 1U: Sierra A. Miller, Linda Taalman and Alan Koch, Vroom: Sommer Schauer and Thaddeus Briner, Christophe Widerski/Francisco Javier De Mateo/Fred Floquet, Cassandra Wilday/Victoria Rospond/Demetri Sarantis, Mary Williams Wolfe, Abel Yee and Wai-Kong Yee

Jury: Christopher M. Crowley, Rosalyn Deutsche, M. Paul Friedberg, Mary Miss, Michael Sorkin, Billie Tsien, Coosje Van Bruggen, Krzyztof Wodiczko