Read by millions since its launch in 2004, BLDGBLOG is the leading voice in speculation about architecture, landscape, and the built environment. Now The BLDGBLOG Book distills author Geoff Manaugh’s unique vision, offering an enthusiastic, idea-filled guide to the future of architecture, with stunning images and exclusive new content. From underground exploration to the novels of J.G. Ballard, from artificial glaciers in the mountains of Pakistan to weather control in Olympic Beijing, The BLDGBLOG Book is “part conceptual travelogue, part manifesto, part sci-fi novel,” according to Joseph Grima of Storefront for Art and Architecture.

“BLDGBLOG is something new and substantially different from anything else I have seen. Secretly, I had always hoped it would become a book. Geoff Manaugh has provided the reader with an excursion into a new world—part digital fantasy, part reality at the intersection of art, architecture, landscape design, and pure ideas. Like the blog, the book is personal, idiosyncratic, and, best of all, incredibly interesting.” Errol Morris, Academy Award-winning director of The Fog of War and Fast, Cheap & Out of Control

On Saturday, September 26, Manaugh will be joined by many of the writers, thinkers, and practitioners whose work is featured in The BLDGBLOG Book, in a day-long event of back-to-back presentations at Storefront for Art and Architecture. It is free and open to the public.


3:00pm: Karen Van Lengen

3:30pm: Jace Clayton (live interview)

4:00pm: Richard Mosse
Interview with BLDGBLOG

4:30pm: Mason White
InfraNet Lab

5:00pm: Patrick McGrath (live interview)
Interview with BLDGBLOG

5:30pm: Lebbeus Woods
Interview with BLDGBLOG

6:00pm: Alan Rapp

6:05pm: Geoff Manaugh

6:30pm: Drinks

8:00pm: End