Saturday, October 1, 2011 4pm-6pm.


Storefront for Art and Architecture will host the kick-off  for the first VELONOTTE New York, a project which turns cities into nocturnal open air museums experienced on a bike.


The kick-off event will offer information and registration for free to all visitors and will consist of a short presentation about past Velonights in Rome and St. Petersburg and excerpts from a documentary film about the Moscow Velonotte with contributions from Vladimir Papernyj, Sergei Choban, Alexander Neratoff, Marina Avdonina and participant  commentators of the New York Velonight.




Starts Saturday October 1st at Midnight, Continuing till 5:30 AM



VELONIGHT NYC will transform New York into an open-air museum accessed
by bicycle with an audio guide dwelling in New York’s urban and cultural history

 with contributions from architects, architectural and cultural historians, including Jean Louis Cohen, Peter Eisenman, Ken Jackson, Rem Koolhas, Guy Nordenson and others.


The expert’s comments will be transmitted live to the participants earphones on a

proprietary radio frequency.


The New York expedition will focus on Manhattan with 20 planned stops, riding past icons (and failures) of New York’s architecture, urban policy and social/cultural life.The actual itinerary will be made available the day of the tour.  


 The event will be recorded as a documentary film by Firma Films Company.


 Registrarion for the event is closed.



Route curated by Sergey Nikitin (with notes by Alexandr Neratoff);
producer: Elena Siyanko www.farandwideevents.com