by Bite

featured as part of Storefront’s 30th Anniversary Gala

March 1, 2013 

5 Beekman


1982-2020: CHRONOTASTE presented an archaeological culinary excursion in time, offering 30 dishes throughout the course of Storefront’s 30th Anniversary Gala . Starting in 1982 with Baked Brie and moving through 1985 Artichoke Ravioli, 2004 Steak Tartare and 2013 Shaved Black Kale among others, the food performance took guests through scents and tastes of the last 30 years and into the future.



Menu by Bite



1983 Wine Coolers

1993 – Cosmopolitans

2003 – Mojitos and Margaritas

2013 – Corpse Revivers



1983 – Baked Brie, Swedish Meatballs, Cearar Salad

1985 – Artichoke Ravioli, Sundried Tomato Pizza, Sweet Potato/Avocado

1988 – Beggar’s Purses, Seared Tune & Tartar, Mustard Crusted Lamb

1993 – Beef Carpaccio, Scallops in Black Tie, Duck Breast/Wild Rice

1995 – Miso Roast Black Cod, Jicama Ceviche, Lamb Shank Empanadas

2001 – Lobster Pot Pie, Fois Gras Burger, Truffle Fries

2004 – Bacon Profiteroles, Parsnip Pancakes, Steak Tartar

2009 – Glazed Pork Belly, Beets Brulee, Roast Chicken

2013 – Shaved Black Kale, Cauliflower/Citrus, Greenmarket Galettes

2020 – Vitamin Gummies, Protein Shakes, Bite Mallomars


About the building

5 Beekman Street, also know as Temple Court or the Beekman Palace, is  an 1882 construction. This building, constructed to replace the ashes of a burned building, was the first building in New York to be built with fire safety codes. The current state of the building, between sublime decay and solid ruin, will undergo complete restoration and transformation into a hotel. 


Construction started 5 days after Storefront’s Gala took place.