PRODUCTIVE DISAGREEMENTS SERIES: Why should architects today care about America?

March 9th, 2013


The Storefront exhibition Aircraft Carrier, which brought to the fore the influences of American ideas on architectural development, served as an appropriate backdrop to an event that is part of  the  Productive Disagreement Series .


In light of the latest challenges to capitalist development, which has become synonymous with the American system, speakers responded to the question:   Why should architects today care about America?


Each participant responded with a short answer in the form of a 7-minute statement. Each also offered a brief one-liner of his approach, through which the complexity of the issue was probed.


Arguments to be against and for were:

Because it’s working (William Menking, Architect Newspaper)

Because it’s just begun  ( Justin Fowler , PhD Candidate, Princeton University)

Because it’s everywhere (Aircraft Carrier curator)

Because it’s transformed …




The Productive Disagreements Series is part of Storefront’s programming for the development of conversations between ideologically opposed institutions, critics, artist or architects reflecting on contemporary issues around the globe. The events avoid compromise and agreement as a methodology of dialogical exchange, promoting confrontation and dialogue in order to generate a responsive audience and increase participation obtaining a multiplicity of viewpoints and strategies.