Paella Series:  

FEED THE VOID: Time to eat, behave natural

September 15, 2013, 11pm

Praça da Figueira, The Civic Stage


The purpose behind scheduled cultural events like triennials and biennials is unclear.  At first glance, the concept seems at odds with the temporality of culture, a fluid arhythmical beat. Yet with the professionalization of culture and the institutionalization of it, Storefront accepted to be part of the Institute Effect as an act of dissent and to reflect on the value of organized rituals, formats and events. The transformation of culture into a routine format, into a quotidian act, has its virtues and cons. As the final event of the first week of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, Storefront for Art and Architecture feeds the most pressing void within contemporary culture by presenting Feed the Void: Time to eat –behave natural, a collective dinner of food and thoughts about Close, Closer and the future of institutionalized cultural events.


The Paella Series is discussion around the cooking and eating of a paella prepared/moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert at the Civic Stage, a public scenario designed by Frida Escobedo.




Paella Series events are performance-based events that aim to produce intense conversations and debate through spaces of quotidian action, in this case cooking and eating. In a state of floating attention and distracted thought, the conversations held between a selected group of guests are recorded and archived for public access.