General Information
Grants of up to $10,000 are available for individuals (or a team) to creatively explore or research an issue or problem in the fields of architecture, design, and/or historic preservation. The submissions seek to advance research and public understanding in the related fields and projects can lead to the creation of prototypes, exploration of new technologies, research of a historical topic, or engagement in critical or theoretical analyses in said fields. Submissions should be innovative in nature and emphasize artistry and design excellence.




In order to be eligible to apply for Independent Project Support, individuals (or teams) must meet the following criteria:

– The individual (or team) must be professionals in their related architecture, design and/or historic preservation field. Architectural and design historians qualify


– The project must emphasize design and reflect one (or more) of the fields supported in the category: architecture, landscape architecture, graphic, fashion, industrial and interior design. 


– Faculty in architecture or design schools are welcome to apply. However, their proposed projects must not be part of a course curriculum.


– Project must take place between January 2015 – December 2015.


– The individual (or team) must provide evidence that they are current New York State residents. Proof of New York State residency requires two of the documents per individual from the list below. All documentation must contain the individual’s name and address. Documentation must be dated no earlier than 2013:


1) Telephone Bill


2) Credit card and/or bank statement (name and address page only; financial  and account information should be blocked). NYS or Federal Tax Form (first page only; social security and financial  information should be blocked.


3) Current lease or mortgage agreement for a home residence listing the  individual’s name and showing a NYS address


4) NYS Driver’s license or NYS ID card


5) Voter registration card


The individual (or team) may not be in the process of applying for another NYSCA project with another team or with another fiscal sponsor organization. If individuals appear on more than one request, both requests will be deemed ineligible for support.



Ineligible Projects Include

– Student projects are ineligible for support. Currently matriculated students must document that their projects are not related to the completion of a degree.


– Visual artists whose work references the built environment

– Projects that request NYSCA funds for out-of-state travel expenses. (Please note out-of-state travel expenses may be involved in your project; however, you should be prepared to note how you will cover these expenses with funds outside of NYSCA.)


– For additional information, visit


NYSCA Independent Projects Timeline  

Please note individuals who do not follow instructions for submission as listed will not be considered.


June 5, 2014

Request for Proposals


If you are interested in applying through Storefront for NYSCA funding, please answer all questions in the application form on the right side of this page and email answers to each question. Applications should be submitted in a word document with the email subject line “NYSCA Independent Project Application Request” by midnight on June 5th to be considered. Please note selected individuals may be asked to submit additional application information by June 26, 2014. By submitting an application form, individuals agree to submit additional application materials requested to Storefront by this date.

To request a word document of the application form, email
June 16, 2014
Storefront will contact all applicants to let them know if their project was selected.  Individuals not selected are welcome to apply with another institution.
Individuals may also withdraw their request to seek support through Storefront at anytime by emailing
June 27, 2014   
Storefront will apply for support on behalf of selected artists through NYSCA. Applicants should be available by email  June 24 – 26  should Storefront need additional information to prepare applications.
November 2014 
In recent years, NYSCA has made grant reward announcements in November.  Should your project receive funding, you will be contacted and required to submit to Storefront a W9 to receive funds. Funds will be distributed as they are received.
March 2016 
Funded applicants will be required to submit a final project report to NYSCA in September 2014. Storefront will coordinate final report submission with recipients as necessary.