On Saturday, April 11th, Storefront’s longest standing board member, William Menking, passed away from complications due to lymphoma. After his 25-year tenure, we at Storefront are devastated to lose Bill, and have been at a loss for words to convey how important he was to us personally and professionally.


Bill was the founder (with Diana Darling) and editor of The Architect’s Newspaper, and was a passionate, witty, and thoughtful champion of critical ideas in architecture. Spending time with Bill was a treat, as he was both informed and incisive, always carrying the spark of a radical spirit that was cultivated throughout his youth.


At this time of social distance, we are especially sad to say goodbye to Bill. Ever the social one, he had an uncanny ability to create connections and form relationships, and it seemed as though he knew everyone and anyone.


We wish comfort and peace to all who are feeling Bill’s loss. It’s hard to imagine a future without him, but his legacy will live on at AN, Storefront, and through the many students whose lives he touched over the years.


If you have a thought or memory of Bill that you’d like to share, please email us at info@storefrontnews.org. We will update this page with quotes and photos (see initial photos in sidebar).


You can also see additional tributes on The Architect’s Newspaper website here.