Week 11 / Jan 7 – 11, 2014

Architectural Cliff

Andrew Kovacs


About the project

The ambition for the Storefront Residency is to install a ‘Architectural Cliff’ in the narrowest part of the gallery. ‘Architectural Cliff’ is a vertical architectural model that will exploit part to part relationships, formal contiguities, the everyday, and the architectural. Oscillating between a collection and a hoard, ‘Architectural Cliff’ is composed of everyday objects that have architectural qualities as well as architectural models. This collision and compaction of objects forms a 3-dimensional spatial coalition that is a proposal for a space of architectural mountaineering. Each piece of ‘Architectural Cliff’ will be documented and cataloged by their inherent architectural qualities such as form, color, size, mass, etc., before being placed into the organized spatial hoard. This grotesque vertical beast will grow and evolve over the 5 day residency period until it fully fills and occupies the narrowest space at Storefront. 

-Andrew Kovacs
About the artist
Andrew Kovacs was born in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked for RE X in New York City, OMA/Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam and Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo.  In 2011 Kovacs received a Howard Crosby Butler Traveling Fellowship in Architecture from Princeton University for his proposal A Tale of Two Masterplans to study the architecture and urbanism of the two major cities in Kazakhstan – Astana and Almaty. His written work on architecture and urbanism has been published in journals such as PIDGIN, PROJECT, and CLOG. 

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