May 6, 2012


On Sunday, May 6, 2012, on the occasion of the Frieze Art Fair Downtown Night, Storefront presented Cabaret Series: Capital C, an event where a group of artists and architects addressed the relationship between the production of capital and cultural objects through humor seduction and play.


6:00 Reception – “Capital City” 

A growing video projection that compiled in a fragmented manner the value of the city.


7:00 “Aleatoric Tour” by Fake Industries [Cristina Goberna & Urtzi Grau] + Carlos Minguez
A reenactment of one of the “Free-Flux Trous” performed on May 6, 1976 unveiling Storefront’s current system of production through an excursion into its basement.


7:10 “I am how money flows” by Ieva Miseviciute
No description needed.


7:20 “The Natural Order of Things” a speech-act in two parts by José Esparza and Victoria Øye
A  performative reading of two dialogues from the 1976 film Network by Sidney Lumet, which hinted on themes of capital and markets.


7:30 ” Give ME Shelter” Peter Simensky
An embracing performance of Gold with a fragile and warm aura of capital, action and critic.


7:40 “Wash Your Brothers Hair” with Michael David Quattlebaum Jr and Matias Arganaraz
A poem, a reading and a rap cleansing race and class.


7:50 “TItle withheld due to monetary/time constraints”  with Michael Portnoy
Description withheld due to monetary/time constraints.


8:00 “On Growth and the Right Size”  with Sina Najafi
Or why should one learn to love oneself and stop worrying.


8:10 “Report Back” with Imani Brown, Cari Machet and Noah Fischer.


8:20 “Nube” by Volido [Max Sanjulian]
A dissolution of individual spheres into a cloud of collective madness.


8:30 “Unknown, unpaid.”


Leading up to the event, starting May 3, 2012, Storefront will presented “Capital City,” a project that invites citizens to post price tags – from “million-dollar tags” to “free tags” around the city on buildings, street furniture, tiles, facades, trees, bike racks, benches and other public and urban spaces in an effort to unveil the hidden value of what surrounds us determining an overall numerical value for each fragment of the city. More info here:” height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ src=”″> <iframe src=”″ mce_src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>