Week 03 / Oct 28 – Nov 2


Di Fang

About the project

My project is to unfold interactions among people who engage in gambling. I am inspired by a group of retired Chinese people who get together everyday doing gambling at the Columbus Park. They use chips to bet on card game and Chinese chess. This forms an interesting phenomenon as the gambling itself servers as a channel for retired people to connect with each other in the public space.


My working process and the interaction with public will be uploaded to social media during my five-day residency. My project is to design the “gambling space” and develop the relationship between human and space. I will provide chips to people who come to Storefront and gambling. -Di Fang


For thorough project updates, please visit http://www.columbus-resort.tumblr.com.


About the artist

Di Fang is a Chinese artist based in New York City. His works convey not only the evolution of urbanization, but also my political attitudes. He is interested in social commentary, references to news, and views himself as a tourist in my videos and multimedia installations. His works reflect on the rapid and chaotic changes that he is involved in with today’s society. It encourages the viewer to think and question.



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