ENDCOMMERCIAL® was a study of the subtle relationships that inform day-to-day life in New York City’s urban fabric. Both an index and a story of urban phenomena and street life, ENDCOMMERCIAL® portrayed usually marginalized but ubiquitous layers and patterns that define the city’s behavior. A selection of over 1,000 informal and candid photographs was organized into a multivalent classification system, from main categories of system, order and identity, to 32 subcategories that included: A Barrier (A is for barricade), Misspelling (Instant corporate identity: Dysfunctional speech act III) and Street Vendors (Trade route: Commerce III). Florian Böhm, Luca Pizzaroni and Wolfgang Scheppe extracted ENDCOMMERCIAL® from Digital Slum, a body of ongoing photographic research that includes over 60,000 digital photos taken of cities on a daily basis since 1997. Through empirical and visual means, ENDCOMMERCIAL® unveiled the contradictions and coexistence of different social and economic forces shaping urban life.