NhEW was a joint exhibition of the work of OPENOFFICE, a New York-based group of architects, and cOPENhagenOFFICE, the firm of Danish architect Tanja Jordan. The centerpoint of the exhibition was a full-scale, portable dwelling prototype, entitled NhEW. NhEW units were intended to be adapted to the requirements of the individual, and customized from a wide range of lightweight materials for easy assembly, disassembly and transport. NhEW’s components range from packaging to composite materials, cabinetry, and apparel—each tool for living, moving, and storing is adopted as a second ‘skin’ in the living environment. Thus clothing becomes storage, storage crates become beds, backpacks become furniture, and packing material becomes insulation. First exhibited in Copenhagen, the NhEW prototype traveled to Greenland following its exhibition at Storefront.