Hell’s Kitchen South: Developing Strategies illustrated how a collaborative design model involving a variety of parties from different disciplines could creatively manage the development of a neighborhood facing increased market pressure.


The exhibition was the culmination of work initiated five years earlier by the Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association (HKNA), a group of residents working to have an active voice in determining the future of their neighborhood. HKNA’s efforts included a conference and workshop in 1998, co-organized by the Design Trust for Public Space and the firm Design + Urbanism. The event provided an interactive setting where residents, urban planners, designers, developers, public health specialists and public officials worked together to discuss planning and design ideas for the community.


Thirteen design teams were invited to participate and contribute proposals for the future development of Hell’s Kitchen South. Storefront hosted the first public exhibition and hearings for these proposals.


Ana Florez – Cecilia Benites 

Brian McGrath / Team A-UD

BriggsKnowles architecture + design

Brooklyn Architects Collective

Columbia Architecture

David Rockwood and Claudia Dias

Inline Studio

Life In Hell

Marpillero Pollak Architects

Re-Imagining Hell’s Kitchen South

Sommer and Miller Architecture and Planning

studio a/b: Hideaki Ariizumi and Glynis Berry

Todd MacDonald


Exhibition design by the Center for Urban Pedagogy.