Instant Architecture

December 16, 2010



Storefront for Art and Architecture, in collaboration with Control Group , presented  the first Instant Architecture Manifesto Marathon. The event-performance consisted of a series of real time drawing performances on the facades of the buildings surrounding Storefront.

The performers, explosive individuals from New York offices and Schools of Architecture, reacted, created and responded to prompted challenges. Each participant had a computer connected to a projector and a 10-minute time span to deploy their imagination and abilities on the city.

The event featured three high-performance projectors and three Apple computers operating the last version of AutoCad for Mac, all surrounded by a festive atmosphere of music and drinks.



7.10 SPEED

[LOT – EK] Gia Wolff / Ada Tolla

[Hayley Eber+Frank Gesualdi] EFGH

[Volido] Max Sanjulian


7.20 PINK

[] Richie Gelles

[Snarchitecture] Daniel Arsham

[Snarchitecture] Daniel Arsham


[Gensler] Peter Wang+ Markus Hering

[Gensler] +Sohee Moon

[Gensler] +Jonas Gabbai


7.40 WAR

[Openshop] Adam Hayes

[Openshop] Mark Kroeckel

[Openshop] Dave Maple



[PLE]Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa

[Acconci Studio] Bradley Rothenberg+Francis Bitonti

[Cooper Union]Jan Voitehovich


[Leeser Architecture] Henry Grosman

[Leeser Architecture] Hiroe Fujimoto

[Leeser Architecture] Lindsay Harkema+Zach Goldstein


8.10 DRUGS

[HAT] Seth Harrison+Ariane Lourie Harrison + Jacob Dugopolski

[HAT] +Matt Zych+Catherine Miller

[HAT] +Chat Travieso+ James mcGinn



[Columbia University] Pablo Ros

[multiplicities] Daniel Holguin+Victoria Simes

[Terreform One+Terrefuge] Mitch+ Maria Aiolova

8.30 SEX

[Fake Industries] Urtzi Grau

[Archi-tectonic] Gabriela Valentina Bruno

[JJ] Jeremiah Joseph



[Rogers Marvel Architects] Yavuz Akcora/

[Rogers Marvel Architects] Tim Fryatt/

Rogers Marvel Architects] Shane Neufeld


8.50 SENT

[fragmentalmuseum]Guy Reziciner

[Cooper Union]Jeremy Jacint

[NOARCH] Lydia Kallipolity+James Lowder


9.00 BLANK

[Tschumi Architects]Jerome Haferd

[Israel Berger, AIA] Benson Gillespie

[Rockwell Group] Hristian Petrov


9.10 MORE