Drawing Series: A line

Friday July 26, 2013



What constitutes a line? A vector, a division, a labyrinth, a world?


For the launch of Storefront’s Drawing Series, Storefront invited particpants from last year’s drawing show,  Aesthetics/Anesthetics , in a conversation surrounding the construction of a line. This event was the  closing party of  POP: Protocols, Obsessions, Positions and also marked the  close of Storefront’s second annual drawing auction.

Drawing Series event participants included Kersten Geers, Dominic Leong, MOS and Michael Young.


Participants had 7 minutes to draw a line and discuss the ideas contained within the drawing. Storefront provided paper and participants were asked to bring their own pens/pencils/tools. This was followed by a conversation between event participants and audience members as well as a reception.


The event was followed by the last hour of a live auction of original drawings in this year’s show, and with a reception party and special music perfromacne by dj n-ron. This event was free and open to the public.