Storefront TV:  From Underground Mies to Underground Storefront

October 28, 7-9pm /  Storefront Gallery – SF TV Studio / 

by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Mies’ Barcelona Pavilion, as it was reconstructed in 1986, includes a basement that so far has remained unnoticed. The basement has been the place where all the material evidences of the daily aging and the ordinary production of the fictional pavilion are hidden. Andrés Jaque and the Office for Political Innovation spent two years scrutinizing the basement and eventually took what is concealed in it back to the upper floor. The work explored the idea that a mundane and contingent Mies can be inhabited and celebrated. 


“From Underground Mies to Underground Storefront” is the first program of the Storefront TV season exploring visibility in architecture through a range of virtual subterranean visits. The program is brought to Storefront TV on the occasion of the launch of the book “PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society” by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation.


With the participation of: 

Andrés Jaque 

Nerea Calvillo 

Laura Kurgan 

Spyros Papapetros


Storefront TV studio has limited seating. There will be additional seating available at the gallery. To watch the program live please RSVP to to attend. Free and open to everyone. 


To live stream the program click  here .


About Storefront TV:

Storefront TV is an online channel focused on the communication of contemporary art and architecture ideas with an emphasis on experimentation with a live TV format. All selected pilot programs will be taped live at Storefront for Art and Architecture with live audience and broadcasted online.

This program is funded in part by Spain Culture New York – Consulate General of Spain: member of the network Spain Arts & Culture.