Week 10 / Dec 17 – 21

“anachronistic drift”

studio nāv  

About the project

A space comes into existence when vectors of direction, velocities and time are set in motion. Most  spaces are defined by the meeting of numerous programs and desires; few more than the metropolis. 

Following the ten day traversal of the atlantic ocean; the vast “in-between” separating our 

continental frontiers (Europe and America) – we seek to examine how (deviant) time-space could shape  and re-imagine our encounter with the city of New York. As such diffusing the borders between real, i maginary, unproductive and (ana)chronistic space. 

Storefront offers a rare physical manifestation of encouraged interactivity and unanticipated encounters  purveying the urban environment. We believe this disclosure can lower the threshold and allow for a broader audience to approach us;  not only to inform themselves, but expand our own understanding of the context we have immersed  ourselves within. 

Emphasising the potential of this space we hope to create an experience raising questions around being, time and participation.

-studio nāv


About the artists

studio nāv consists of Carl Fransson and Thomas Paltiel, two architects and thinkers currently based in Stockholm and Trondheim. While educated primarily at Edinburgh College of Art where they both received their degrees in Architecture, their professional and educational experience has been more widespread: from Ecole Nationale Superieure d’architecture de Paris Belleville to Charles Pictet Architects and Fantastic Norway. Most recently the studio took part in the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale.


Exploring emotive as well as intellectual reflection, their work locates itself somewhere between socio-political constructs and abstract expressionism. Whether it is architectures of temporality or permanence, the underlying ambition is to create or make visible the potential and/or particularity of a given context. Contrary to explicating answers their projects communicate a desire to initiate a process of questions, meetings and change; corralling attention to the manifold ideas about the forces and sensibilities of living.


This artist in residency is sponsored in by the Norwegian Ministry of Affairs and by Norsk Form, the Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway.