December 21, 2013


By studio nāv and nick axel


To round off a 5-day residency for “Younger than Storefront” at Storefront for Art and Architecture and as part of the exhibition BEING, we invite you to take part in a final event hosted by the artists. A gathering centered around a rock and a text that records the journey across an ocean, through a city, and into an institution. Investigating movement and presence in the form of a spatial installation, a sound intervention, and a word performance.


Please join us for drinks and conversation.


Free and open to the public. 



studio nāv : “anachronistic drift”
(1)5 days
the Atlantic Ocean, traversed in a cargo vessel. in-between: a deviant time-space.
the city of New York, an encounter. wandering.
a quarried rock, taken from its origin to another.
an error. a deviance. a weight.
a vessel of deep time. a resistance.
an acceptance. a bearing of indifference. a new instrument.

A residency.
To spend time in a place. To reside. To be, somewhere.
An intention. An invitation. A promise. A responsibility.

On the conditions of being and the subject of the institution.
A five part tale about the traversal of territorialized space.
Where does this journey get us? Will we ever get there? What is to be done along the way?



This event is generously supported by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General.