YOU ARE HERE (& there, too, etc), 2013 is a sound installation that included a journey through Storefront’s 30-year history led by Vito Acconci. As part of the piece, Acconci narrates and interrogates the organization’s history with the artist’s own personal commentary. 

Engineering, sound design and spatialization by Dave Rife.


You Are Here (& There, Too, etc) was commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture for its 30th Anniversary Gala. The premiere of the sound piece took place on March 1 from 6:30-9pm on the 9th floor atrium space of 5 Beekman.  It was reproduced and spatialized over an 8-channel audio system spanning the entire 9th  floor.

About the building

5 Beekman Street, also know as Temple Court or the Beekman Palace, is  an 1882 construction. This building, constructed to replace the ashes of a burned building, was the first building in New York to be built with fire safety codes. The current state of the building, between sublime decay and solid ruin, will undergo complete restoration and transformation into a hotel. 


Construction started 5 days after Storefront’s Gala took place.


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