Anthony is a soon-to-be graduate of the MS program in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices program at Columbia GSAPP. His work focuses on questions of race, gender, and sexuality in contemporary architectural and artistic practices, with particular attention to histories of exhibition and publication. He is currently finishing his thesis, looking at the inSITE exhibition series that occurred in San Diego and Tijuana from 1992 – 2005. The project is a historical survey of the five inSITE exhibitions that focuses on the specific constructions of the public produced by the exhibitions, contextualizing the exhibitions with the changing social and political landscape at the U.S./ Mexico border. Utilizing both the institution’s archive and exhibition catalogues, the thesis is an investigation in both exhibition strategy and the afterlife of exhibitions through publication. He has worked on multiple research projects at Columbia, including a collaborative project investigating the Venice Biennale and assisting on a publications and the archive at the Buell Center. He has a BA in architecture from the University of San Diego.