Storefront produces annual events that celebrate the organization’s achievements, honor artists and thinkers in the field, and raise financial support to continue Storefront’s work. Special events include Storefront’s Membership Dinner, Critical Halloween, and our annual Spring Benefit.


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An annual dinner hosted in Storefront’s gallery space that celebrates the organization’s closest supporters and friends, and brings together some of the most eclectic and influential players in the worlds of art and architecture. If you would like to attend our annual Membership Dinner, hosted each fall, become an Action Benefactor Member by contacting 




Critical Halloween is an annual art and architecture party and costume contest that invites guests to think and dress around a different theme each year that represents a “feared ghost of architectural production.” Costumes often focus on social, economic, and urban issues in the built environment. Learn more about Critical Halloween on the events section of our website.




Storefront’s annual Spring Benefit celebrates innovative art, architecture, and design that contributes to our understanding of the built environment. Previous benefits have been hosted at venues such as TWA Flight Center, Beekman Palace, 432 Park Ave, New York Public Library, and more. Learn more about this year’s benefit at