Through August 1st, 2015.

Storefront TV: A Little Fawn


August 11th at 7 pm


“A Little Fawn” situates experimental architecture within the trope of “American Children’s Program.” This work is in an effort to stoke alternative urban discourse and reveal latent conflicts between televised media, the city, and children. The work is meant to be widely accessible and is therefore crafted from the perspective of a young child. Traditional program realms of cartoon and skit will layer different scales and media, and then leverage them into scenes, sets, stages, and backdrops.


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Watch trailer here.





Aug 14th – Sept 12th

Opening Aug 13th at 7 pm


Measure is an exhibition of 30 drawings by 30 international architects presenting 30 edifices of thought. Drawings are of Storefront for Art and Architecture’s gallery space on 97 Kenmare Street in New York.


Participants include Annabelle Selldorf, Bernard Khoury, Fake Industries, FormlessFinder, Reiser-Umemoto, Steven Holl, among others.

Storefront TV: What About the Grid?


Aired Tuesday, June 30th at 7 pm.


Watch episode here.


“What About the Grid?” is a situational comedy about three anthropomorphic animals who engage with the gridded plane. Through their interactions with thegrid, the protagonists discover this surface as their tabula rasa for creating new relationships with the surrounding environment. Dealing and coping with experiences that range from the trivial to the significant, the animals develop ways of creating new social interactions vis à vis the grid, and in doing so, learn to redefine its rigid geometries, ultimately attaining a higher level of political and cultural agency.