JB1.0: Jamming Bodies Laboratory 

October 28 – December 19



CALL FOR IDEAS: Taking Buildings Down

Taking Buildings Down asks for proposals for the production of voids; the demolition of buildings, structures, and infrastructures; or the subtraction of objects and/or matter as a creative act. Removal is all that is allowed.


Storefront Salon: George Baird, Reinhold Martin, and Kenneth Frampton


November 10 at 7 pm


With George Baird, Reinhold Martin, and Kenneth Frampton


A discussion on architecture, planning, and the built environment in conjunction with the launch of Writings on Architecture and the City, George Baird’s collection of critical essays.

Critical Halloween: DEMO

Thanks to those of you who came to DEMO your costumes. See photos from the event here.
With the aim to unleash everyone’s inner critic through sartorial guise, Storefront for Art and Architecture presented Critical Halloween 2015 on Saturday, October 31st. Each year, this party and costume competition celebrates a feared ghost of art and architectural production. This year, we celebrated DEMO at the historic DCTV firehouse.
Stay tuned for more information on the DEMOcractic People’s Choice online costume competition with Hyperallergic, launching Tuesday, November 3rd.