JB1.0: Jamming Bodies 

Opening October 27th at 7 pm

The gallery is currently closed for installation.

Interrogation Series: Informal Public Demands


Saturday, October 24

5:30 pm


“Interrogation Series: Informal Public Demands” reflects on what Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman—together with Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer, editors of Informal Market Worlds—have termed “informal public demands,” i.e. the changes in urban policies and planning practices required to engage with informality in a productive and fair manner.

Critical Halloween: DEMO

With the aim to unleash everyone’s inner critic through sartorial guise, Storefront for Art and Architecture presents Critical Halloween 2015 on October 31st. Every year, this party and costume competition celebrates a feared ghost of art and architectural production. This year, we celebrate DEMO at the historic DCTV firehouse.
Join the Critical Committee and purchase tickets online here.

Annual Membership Dinner


RSVP by October 10


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Storefront’s annual membership dinner brings together 100 of the organization’s highest level members, which include many celebrated and innovative voices in art, architecture, design, philanthropy, and urban development.


Featuring a demonstration by Bryce Shuman, Executive Chef of Betony


To join us, become a member of Storefront at the Action Benefactor level or above. See here for details.