Subculture: Microbial Metrics and the Multi-Species City


Sep 19, 2018 – Jan 12, 2019

By Kevin Slavin, Elizabeth Hénaff, and David Benjamin / The Living


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Interrogation Series: Across Scales and Species

Saturday, November 10th

5–7 pm


With David Benjamin, Ariane Lourie Harrison, Elizabeth Hénaff, and Kevin Slavin


Interrogation Series: Across Scales and Species brings together experts in architecture, biology, and others to reveal the effects of the built environment and microbiological ecologies on genetic landscapes, from urban spaces to our bodies.


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Subculture Open Lab Days and Workshops


Open Lab Days

Friday, November 2nd

Friday, December 14th



Saturday, November 10th

Saturday, December 15th


Presented as part of Subculture with Dr. Elizabeth Hénaff


On two Fridays this month and next, the Subculture lab will be active and open to all. Also this fall, Dr. Elizabeth Hénaff will also host two workshops, Bioinformatics for Environmental Metagenomics 101 and 202.


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Critical Halloween: REAL

Tuesday, November 6th

8 pm–12 am


Storefront for Art and Architecture


Halloween is one week before the 2018 U.S. midterm elections, so we’re changing it up. For Critical Halloween: REAL, Storefront partners with Movement Voter Project, a non-profit that works to mobilize voter turnout around issue-based campaigns in forty states across the country. It’s time to get REAL.


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