As part of the New York Architecture Book Fair


June 19th – August 25, 2018

Installation by Abruzzo Bodziak and Pentagram








WEDNESDAY 20, 2018 – THURSDAY JUNE 21, 2018


24x24x24 is a 24 hour long marathon of events that invites 24 architects and designers to create 24 stools that provide an antidote to over polished, hyper refined, hyperbolic, and expensive design. An opportunity to connect, propose, and engage diverse architectural interests, designers will host an hour of programming in conjunction with their stool during the longest day of the year. From dawn to dusk of the summer solstice, participants will experiment in the collective production of thinking, design, and action. 


With T+E+A+M, Leigha Dennis + Kin & Company, Studio Cadena, June14 Meyer-Grohbrugge and Chermayeff, Buro Koray Duman, Formlessfinder, NILE, Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, Leong Leong, Charlap Hyman Herrero, Jerome Haferd & Brandt Knapp, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Peterson Rich Office, Christian Wassmann, GRT Architects, Kyle May Architect, Laida Aguirre, Katie Stout, Ultramoderne, McEwen Studio, Kalos Eldos, TheLab-lab, Ramona Albert Architecture, and Part Office



Organized by Studio Cadena, Leong Leong, Buro Koray Duman, Peterson Rich Office, and Kalos Eidos

New York Architecture Book Fair

June 18-23 


The first edition of the New York Architecture Book Fair, opening in June 18-23 of 2018, will take the form of a Bookstore Network of pop-up architecture book collections in partnership with local bookstores and cultural organizations throughout the city and an installation Architecture Books at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

With an archeological and projective twist, the project seeks to celebrate and evaluate both existing and missing volumes of a history still in the writing.

Launched in the fall of 2017 the project presents a ten-month series of discussions and programs, including a series of salons in private libraries, aimed at reflecting upon the last thirty five years of architecture and book production in a global context, a global survey, etc. 


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OfficeUS Manual


Edited by Eva FranchAnna MiljačkiCarlos Mínguez CarrascoJacob Reidel, and Ashley Schafer. 


Created in partnership with Lars Muller Publications. Designed by Pentagram / Natasha Jen.


Storefront presents OfficeUS Manuala critical, occasionally humorous and sometimes stupefying guide to the architectural workplace that documents and interrogates the protocols, policies, and procedures of architectural offices. The book is the third publication of the OfficeUS series, which deals with the influence of U.S. architectural practices on a global scale.


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