Critical Halloween

October 28th, 2016

9 pm – 2 am   [Get Tickets]



Upcoming Exhibition:

Paranoia Man in a Rat Fink Room 

Opens on Election Night, 11/8







Paranoia Man in a Rat Fink Room

Nov. 2, 2016 – Feb. 18, 2016

Private Preview: Nov. 2-6

Election Night Public Opening: nov. 8


In collaboration with the New York Comedy Festival, Storefront presents Paranoia Man in a Rat Fink Room by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe.


Paranoia Man in a Rat Fink Room is a historical pastiche of urban and architectural experiences linked through a mise-en-scène comprised of three architectural environments — a Canal Street style kiosk filled with the leftover DVDs and VHSs from Jungle Video (a now defunct media superstore in Los Angeles); a comedy club partially inspired by the original Rat Fink Room (the world’s first dedicated stand-up comedy club, which opened in 1963); and a bathroom that has been converted into surveillance headquarters that will keep audio/video recordings of the last days of Storefront.


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SfTV: Po(li/e)tical Ads


submission deadline: 11/4


Po(li/e)tical Ads is an open call for short-form video ads that are both political and poetic. Contributors are asked to submit alternatives to contemporary political ads, addressing collective concerns that transcend individual egos and party platforms.


For submission information and guidelines, see here.

Critical Halloween: Luxury

October 29

9:00 PM – 2:00 am

United Palace, New York


See the Party Bibliography: On Luxury.


Each year, Critical Halloween celebrates a feared ghost of art and architectural production. This year, we explore LUXURY.

Derived from the Latin “luxus” (excess), the term carries fluctuating pejorative and covetous connotations. Traditionally defined by the opinions of tastemakers and experts, we are now looking for new connoisseurs, and invite you to denounce obsolete definitions of luxury, and to redefine its possibilities in shaping the future.


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