Image by Jo Schwab.


Definitions Series: On DESIRE

June 6, 2013



What do we desire as individuals, as collectives, as neighbors, as friends, as locals, as foreigners, as citizens?


Definitions Series: On Desire presented special performances by Di Mattison on “The Genealogy of Eros” and Joie Reinstein on future trends with “Gamification and Mixed Reality” on the occasion of the launch of the second volume of Odiseo. The event included the presentation of EROS & NOUS, a site-specific installation curated by Odiseo, of two blank books installed in diametrically opposed ends of the gallery to collect the visitors erotic and intellectual desires.


“Love Will Tear Us Apart Again: The Genealogy of Eros” by Di Mattison

What is Eros and how can we think of it as an operative force in the world and in our lives? This speech examines a few historical and philosophical approaches to conceptualizing Eros and concludes with its psychoanalytic formulation as a primordial force that both binds and divides.


“Gamification & Mixed Reality: Our Preoccupation with the Online and Offline Experience” by Joie Reinstein

The world is entering an era where online moments are as important as offline moments. And as Millenials take over the workforce and Digital Natives come of age, we are seeing that our lives are more and more seamlessly integrated with digital experiences and gaming processes. This talk explores ideas such as our preoccupation with reality, how science fiction is coming true and that the world is becoming one giant game.


About the Publication

Volume 2 features Lina Scheynius’ self portraits, Jo Schwab’s “Habitual Grace”, and Amy Hood as seen by the lens of Jonathan Leder. It also includes a critical study on hipsterism today by Eugenia Lapteva, a long-distance call with Yuri Suzuki, and Timo Mashiyi-Veikkola’s view on collective identity in mass culture.


Odiseo volume 2


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Drinks provided by beer Moritz and Cava Juvé i Camps.


The Definitions Series invites a series of individuals to construct, propose and articulate definitions of a specified term.


Defiitions of “Desire” emailed to prior to the event will be gathered as part of Storefront’s ongoing compilation of definitions as part of the Storefront Definitions Series.