November 9, 2012



Storefront for Art and Architecture presented Definitions, the first of a new series of events, on the occasion of the release of the first issue of PROJECT, a new journal for architecture.    

Definitions Series: Project explored the meaning and relevance of the term ‘project’ today within different frameworks. A diverse selection of contemporary archi­tects, including many contributors to the journal, shared their definitions in short, declarative state­ments delivered in person or projected on the walls of the gallery.

About the magazine

PROJECT is a forum for critical thought in architecture. Project is a printed journal that positions itslef against the indiscriminate flood of information found on blogs and in other contemporary media. It presents new work, theory, and criticism in a concise, affordable format. Through writing, conversation, drawing, and image,   PROJECT investigates the potential of architecture today.


About the Editors

Alfie Koetter received his Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture. While at Yale he taught and assisted undergraduate courses with Alec Purves and Emmanuel Petit. With his fellow editors at Project, he initiated a conversation series of the same name that brought leading young architects to the school to engage directly with students. He has worked in the offices of Koetter Kim and Associates, Atelier Ten, Gauthier Architects, and Mario Campi Architects. Before attending Yale, he received his Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.


Daniel Markiewicz received his Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecure where he received the William Wirt Winchester Traveling Fellowship and the H.I. Feldman Prize (with Ryan Welch) for the best architectural solution in an advanced studio. As a second year student he was a finalist for the KPF Traveling Fellowship and was the recipient of the James Gamble Rogers Memorial Fellowship. At Yale he taught analysis and design coursework under Peter Eisenman, Keith Krumweide, and Joyce Hsiang. As a research assistant and designer at Plan B Architecture + Urbanism, he led the investigation into developing a Sustainability Index for Cities. Prior to attending Yale, he received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Architecture at Princeton University, where he received the William Feay Shellman Traveling Prize. He is currently conducting research into modernist projects from the 1960s and 70s as part of the Winchester Fellowship.


Jonah Rowen  received his Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture, where he received the David M. Schwarz Architects Good Times Award for travel to Europe and the Wendy Elizabeth Blanning Prize for the second-year student who has shown the most promise for development in the profession. While at Yale he taught and directed coursework for Peter Eisenman, Kurt Forster, and Emmanuel Petit, in addition to introductory courses in architectural representation. He has worked in the offices of Eisenman Architects and Gage/Clemenceau Architects. Before attending Yale he received his Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, in Architecture and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently an instructor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, teaching Studio and Visual Studies courses, and is working with Emmanuel Petit on a forthcoming book of original essays written by prominent architects about the legacy of Colin Rowe.


Emmett Zeifman   completed his Master of Architecture at the Yale School of Architecture, where he received the Janet Cain Seilaff Award for his contributions to the culture of the school and the George Nelson Scholarship for independent traveling research. While at Yale he taught with and assisted Peter Eisenman, Emmanuel Petit, and Keller Easterling in graduate and undergraduate courses. He served on the Admissions Committee and as an editor of Retrospecta. Prior to attending Yale, he received his Bachelor of Arts, with First Class Honours in English Literature, from McGill University, where he was the fiction editor of the Scrivener Creative Review and a staff writer for the McGill Daily. In 2007-08 he was a curator at the DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto. Currently he is an architectural designer at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in New York and editor of the forthcoming Yale publication China Westward: Super-Dense Development in Chongqing.


The Definitions Series invites a series of individuals to construct, propose and articulate definitions of a specified term.



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Definitions01-Project from Storefront for Art&Architecture on Vimeo.